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California's Low Cost Auto Insurance Program

If you have a valid driver’s license and drive a vehicle, the law requires that you have auto insurance. California’s Low Cost Auto (CLCA) Insurance program is a state-sponsored program that makes auto insurance affordable, helping you drive responsibly and legally. CLCA helps income eligible California residents afford the basic insurance needed to drive legally and responsibly.

General Eligibility - Required:

  • In the past 3 years, you cannot have had an automobile accident where you were 51% at fault and someone was injured or killed

  • You cannot have more than 1 point on your record

  • At least 16 years of age *Applicants under 18 must be legally emancipated

  • Private passenger vehicle with at least 4 wheels

  • California address where you reside and park your car

  • A California Driver’s License – OR a pending license reinstatement OR an out-of-state license while you obtain your CA license. (AB 60 license is accepted)

  • Current value of your vehicle is $25,000 or less

  • No more than 2 vehicles registered in your name

  • Students: OK if you file your own tax return OR must reside at parent’s residence if claimed as a dependent on their taxes. (will need to provide copy of tax return)

  • Non-owned vehicles can be eligible with certain criteria

If you'd like to review your driving record, click Here to access your DMV record for $2.00.

Income Qualification

Income Qualification Your household income will need to fit within the current Federal Guidelines: These are the maximum income levels by household size for eligibility: 1 Person -- $37,650 2 People -- $51,100 3 People -- $64,550 4 People -- $78,000 Add $13,450 to the maximum income for each additional person in the household. A “household” is defined as all persons listed on a federal or state income tax form. You will need to provide proof of eligibility, and your producer will assist you with this.

Commercial Driving is Excluded

Allowed: Vehicle will be used for personal use and commuting for work. Examples include travel to/from work locations and workplace, errands, groceries, driving kids around, vacations, and general personal use of vehicle. Accepted: work/business use includes office-type, housekeepers, home health care, handyperson, temporary worker, and others/similar -- ask the producer if you are not sure, as many will qualify. Not Allowed: Vehicle for commercial use and transporting goods/materials for business. Prohibited: trucking, delivery of goods and/or food, taxi cab and/or ride share programs, and similar commercial use of vehicle.

LowCost Auto Applicatin

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Program Administrator: California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan
Toll-Free: 800-913-1844

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